Customize Your Size

We realize not all retailers treat their size ranges equally, oftentimes resulting in fewer style options and limited sizes. We firmly believe that any size or shape should be able to shop without restrictions, which is why our size charts are inclusive from XS-6X. All our styles come with length options to fit any person of any size and shape.

Traditional retailers aren't able to offer different fits to accommodate everyone. Only a small percentage of women are the basic hourglass figure, the shape that retailers follow for off-the-rack garments. The rest of the population are comprised of inverted triangle (apple), and triangle (pear) shapes. We broke the retail mold and offer more fits for different body shapes to create a better fit. Simply order the size you normally would according to your chest measurement, and pick your shape based on your hip measurement.

Each body is unique, resulting in endless sizing combinations. If for some reason your needs fall outside of the extended offerings on our site, simply email us at and we will be happy to work with you.