About Us


LAGAstyle.com has been created exclusively for the LPGA Amateur Golf Association and features exclusive licensed apparel and accessories. Ontal has been a proud vendor partner to the national level EWGA since 2014 and continues to partner with the new LPGA Amateur Golf Association. Ontal offers premium performance apparel that can be customized to your liking through expanded color choices and sizing. Design your look effortlessly by selecting silhouettes, patterns, and colors that suit your style from our interactive builder. Since we create each order individually, you never have to settle for off-the-rack again.

We believe in offering great performance apparel to all sizes and shapes, so you will never be limited in designs, colors, and features. And since each order is made after you purchase, we will never be out of stock on any color or size.

Ontal provides a huge benefit to teams and chapters. Got a new team member? No problem. New chapter members need last year's shirts? Absolutely. Have some hard to fit ladies in your group? Offer them our extended size range and everyone can be included!

Want to get your team or chapter outfitted? Contact us to learn more about our Chapter Sponsorship program, work with us to set up a Chapter Shop online, or get a super custom team shirt order! We want to work with you!

For more about the Ontal story, visit us here: http://www.ontal.com